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Why Use a Surrogacy Agency

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Surrogacy is an amazing and rewarding way to grow your family, and has helped so many intended parents realize their dreams of parenthood. The surrogacy process involves many professionals – such as lawyers, accountants and clinic staff – and can be complex. Intended parents have the option of doing an independent surrogacy journey (where they manage all aspects of the journey themselves, from finding a surrogate to hiring lawyers) or working with a surrogacy agency.

Unless you are experienced with surrogacy, having a surrogacy agency guide and support you – while managing all of the intricate details of your surrogacy journey – is recommended to ensure as smooth and successful a surrogacy as possible.

There are many benefits to working with an experienced surrogacy agency. Partnering with an agency that fits your needs and is reputable can help intended parents have a more successful journey.

Here are 5 reasons to use a surrogacy agency when growing your family. We’ve also included questions you can ask surrogacy agencies to help you determine which agency would be the best fit for you.

Surrogacy expertise with proven success

Because there are so many intricacies to surrogacy, working with an experienced surrogacy agency is critical. Should you encounter any bumps during your journey, you want to be sure your agency team has the experience necessary to support you properly. Everyone involved in a surrogacy journey has the same end goal: you having your baby in your arms.

Intended parents who come to surrogacy usually do not have an intimate understanding of the process; having professionals who have managed journeys successfully from start to finish can help navigate the details and milestones so you don’t have to. When you have an agency on your side, you can focus on deepening your relationship with your surrogate and preparing for the arrival of your baby. 

You want someone on your side who can sweat the big stuff…so you don’t have to!

Some questions you can ask agencies are:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. How many surrogacy journeys does the agency do each year?
  3. What are the agency’s success rates?
Full-service surrogacy management, all under one roof
Managing a surrogacy journey can feel like a full-time job…because it is! Working with an agency provides services that help to create a safe and trusting relationship between the egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents. Some surrogacy agencies are “full service” agencies and provide all services needed (besides IVF, which is done at your clinic), while others provide only some of the professional services and utilize third parties where necessary. 

As an example, Circle Surrogacy is a full-service agency. This means that all of the professionals you will require during your surrogacy journey are all part of the agency. Every intended parent has a small team supporting them, which includes a Program Coordinator, a lawyer and an accountant. All of these professionals know you, and are familiar with your journey, so at any given time, there is someone to help you and answer your questions.

Questions you can ask agencies about their services:

  1. Is the agency a full-service agency?
  2. How many people work at the agency?
  3. Do you work with third parties for management of the journey?

To speak with Circle Surrogacy about growing your family, fill out this form to schedule a free consult.

Screened gestational surrogates ready to match

A properly screened surrogate helps ensure a more successful surrogacy. Thoroughly screening a surrogate prior to matching her with intended parents ensures protection and security for the intended parents, and significantly reduces match breaks later in the process. 

Many women desire to become surrogates for very good reasons, however, not every woman who applies to become a surrogate qualifies emotionally, mentally and physically. Your surrogacy agency will perform set screenings that qualify (and disqualify) women for surrogacy so that they meet the agency’s – and the clinic’s – guidelines. If you pursue an independent journey and find a surrogate on your own, you will be responsible for having your surrogate properly screened. 

Experienced surrogacy agencies such as Circle Surrogacy will follow a multi-step screening process, including:

  • Prescreening (application, background check, medical records)
  • Social work screening (in-depth conversation with a licensed professional)
  • Psychological exam (Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) interpreted by a licensed psychologist)

Questions you can ask agencies about surrogate screening:

  1. What type of surrogate screening is done?
  2. Are surrogates fully screened prior to being matched?
  3. Are surrogates screened by a licensed professional who is familiar with the surrogacy process?
Management of All Costs and Fees
The cost of surrogacy is perhaps the most-discussed topic with intended parents…with good reason! Surrogacy costs can be quite substantial, as there are many professionals involved in the process. Understanding what the costs are – and what they cover – is essential for intended parents to help them plan financially for their journey. And having an agency to manage the costs and payments to the surrogate and third parties is essential.

Almost every agency will have an “Agency Fee” for their services. Not all agency fees are created equal, however. For example, an “agency fee” at one agency may include more or less than the agency fee at another. Agency fees are reflective of the level of service you will receive. The best surrogacy agencies will help you find the best surrogate match and, if necessary, an egg donor. They’ll also offer you counseling, legal and billing support, and guide intended parents on creating a strong bond with their surrogate, to help reduce potential conflicts that may arise. Overall, they will support you and manage what can be a complex process to parenthood.  

Circle Surrogacy, for example, is a well-established, secure company. The money you send to the agency is protected, held in an IOLTA account (Interest on Lawyer Trust Account). IOLTA accounts are kept only at regulated and approved financial institutions. The accountant assigned to your journey will manage all of your payments to your surrogate (and egg donor), and you will have access to your account at all times.

Questions to ask an agency about their costs:

  1. How much does surrogacy cost with your agency?
  2. Will there be additional fees along the way?
  3. How are my funds managed?

Learn more about surrogacy costs here.

Legal and Insurance Support

The legal aspect of surrogacy is one of the most important, as you’ll be entering into a contract with your gestational surrogate (and egg donor, if applicable), as well as establishing your parental rights once your baby is born. Having a legal team experienced in third party reproduction is key to protecting yourself and your child during your journey.

Chances are, surrogacy law is not something you do on a daily basis. Knowing and understanding the legal side of surrogacy is important in having as smooth a journey as possible. You’ll want to work with an agency who has lawyers experienced in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law.

You will also need to consider insurance for your surrogate to cover all medical bills related to the pregnancy and birth. Some agencies such as Circle Surrogacy, will review a surrogate’s insurance plan to determine if it can be used for surrogacy, and if not, help you put an insurance policy in place to cover the pregnancy.

Questions to ask an agency about legal and insurance:

  1. Does the agency have an in-house legal team?
  2. Do intended parents need to find their own lawyers?
  3. Will the agency help me put an insurance policy in place for my surrogate?

About Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation was founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. To this day, that belief is at the core of everything we do. For 25 years, we’ve helped straight and LGBTQ+ couples and singles fulfill their dreams of parenthood by helping bring more than 2,400 babies into this world…and counting! We are the most successful surrogacy agency with a 99.3% success rate for parents bringing home a baby. Circle Surrogacy is the only agency that offers two truly fixed price options designed to help as many Intended Parents as possible while reducing variable costs. Circle is an agency comprised of social workers and lawyers, accountants and intake associates, and program managers and coordinators; but, more importantly, we’re an agency made up of parents, surrogates and egg donors, who are passionate about helping people build their families. Together, we make parenthood possible.®

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