The Covid Vaccine + Fertility: the lowdown

Dr. Jennifer Nichols, DO, of Sincera Reproductive Medicine shares a bit of the science of the covid vaccine and why pregnant patients are high on the priority list to receive the vaccine. We note that this is such a personal decision and there is not a ton of data out there for pregnant women. However, there are many reasons why doctors feel safe recommending it. It is totally a cost benefit analysis and figuring out what your risk level is. Hugs to those who are in the position of having to decide what to do. Learn more about Dr. Nichols and her practice at

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Disclaimer: nothing in this video should be construed as medical advice but rather medical information. please consult with your own physician before taking any action. This video was recorded in early February 2021.

As new information is coming out all the time, please keep up to date with WHO, ASRM, ACOG + of course your own physician.

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