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Why be an egg donor?

  • Earning extra income while still going to school or work
  • All-expense paid trips for yourself and a companion if asked (and willing) to travel out of state
  • Knowing you’ve helped a fellow human being achieve their dreams of having a baby
Do I qualify?

·     Healthy female between the ages of 21–30

·     BMI between 18.5-27. To calculate your BMI click HERE.

·     Must have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license

·     United States Citizen or able to work in the United States

·     High School Graduate (College graduate or currently enrolled preferred)

·     Not currently on Depo Provera (For a minimum of 6 months)

·     No history of infertility

·     Regular, monthly menstrual cycles

·     Nonsmoker and drug free

·     No personal history of depression or mental illnesses

·     Willing to take injectable medications

What does the egg donation process look like?
·     Find an agency that is right for you. Do your research!

·     Fill out an online application

·     Agency Interview

·     Match with intended parents (Recipient Parents make the egg donor selection so the agency cannot guarantee to match you)

·     3-4 medical testing appointments to determine donor eligibility

·     Legal contract with recipients

·     4 – 6 more medical appointments and IVF cycle medication

·     Retrieval day! (out patient procedure with no surgical scars or incisions)

·     Final donor compensation payment

For a more in depth explanation of the process you may watch a video provided by An Angels Gift Egg Donation Agency

Do I get paid?

·     First time egg donor compensation offered with An Angels Gift is $6,000 upon cycle completion and can increase up to $10,000 for experienced donors!

·     Donors will receive $750.00 at the commencement of inject-able medications. The remainder of the compensation amount will be paid within seventy-Two (72) of the IVF clinic confirming completion of the retrieval procedure.

What does the legal process entail?

The contract with your recipient parents will typically address things like

  • Parentage
  • Compensation and reimbursements
  • Donor conduct and responsibilities
  • Risk assumption
  • Confidentiality and future contact

Your attorneys retainer will be paid on your behalf by the intended parents but your attorney will be independently representing you and not your intended parents. Most communication and contract review can be done electronically via phone or email.

About An Angel’s Gift

Since 2010 An Angel’s Gift, Inc. has been successfully uniting intended parents with women willing to donate their eggs to help them fulfill their dreams of parenthood. We work with donors all over the US, and with recipients from anywhere in the world who are looking to start or grow a family.

In 2016, AAG launched its Embryo Donation program to offer additional solutions to family building options.

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