We always knew that Sam would carry and we would also adopt. I never had the desire to be pregnant, so I always planned on adopting (until I came out, and realized I might have a spare uterus one day who’d like to carry! Haha!)

We started our fertility journey in December 2019 (that’s when we first got on the waitlist at our clinic in Canada). Because they told us it would be 12 months to get in, we decided to travel elsewhere to do IVF, since we could just go there for 2-4 weeks and be done with it. We met with two clinics virtually, and planned to go in April 2020. But, covid threw a wrench in that! Because of covid, we couldn’t travel to do IVF, but we did end up getting into the clinic here sooner because of it, so that was a small blessing. We had our first appointment in April, then began testing (HSG, blood, genetic testing, sono, etc). 

So far, we’ve done 3 IUI’s, and we’re now doing IVF. We feel a lot more confident in our choice to move on to IVF since it’s what we imagined and planned on before we started this whole journey! I think in our hearts, we knew it was the right choice for us, but we sort of felt swayed by the doctor to try IUI a few times first! I’m glad we tried, but much more excited for this!!

We’re in the first part of our IVF protocol, so if all goes well (which we hope it does, but we also know there’s no control in this process!!) our egg retrieval will be in the middle of March. We’re crossing our fingers for lots of healthy embryos, but we’re also terrified of not getting any – it’s such an up and down journey!

We’re actually also in the process of adoption but it is quite slow.  We both always wanted to adopt, but Sam also wanted to experience pregnancy, which I fully support!

It’s funny: the other day I said, “Oh wow, this is going to be my dad’s first biologically related grandchild – it’s never occurred to me that he’s not biologically related to my niece and nephew!” (My sister has a different bio dad than I do, even though my dad is 100% her dad.) Then we burst out laughing because, no, none of our kiddos will ever be biologically related to me at all! It just goes to show that to us, biology really makes no difference, and I already feel so much of a momma to our future embabies and all kiddos to come! It reminds me how lucky we are to be able to grow our family in different ways and that above all, love is what makes a family!

By Allie of Allie + Sam

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