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Intended Parents

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Choose a Fertility Clinic and Make Embryos

Before you look for the right gestational surrogate to grow your family, you’ll need to find a fertility clinic where you’ll make your embryos (if you don’t have one already!). Do your research and don’t be afraid to interview clinics before deciding which clinic is right for you.

  • Making embryos can entail you using your own sperm and/or eggs or donated sperm and/or eggs. 
  • It can be a time consuming process so it’s wise to begin this process as soon as you are able.  It is standard practice for embryos to be frozen so once they are created they’ll be ready and waiting for your perfect match.
Choosing an Agency
Time for more research. You may decide that surrogacy without an agency is right for you, but if so, your research becomes all the more vital.  Don’t jump in head-first without knowing what is under the water!!!

If you choose to go with an agency, it’s important to research and interview surrogacy agencies to find the right fit for you. Do you want an agency that will help you from the very start to the very end or do you want a more hands off approach?  Just like people, agencies have personalities.  You’ll likely be with your agency 18-24 months so make sure you have a good fit.  Most agencies will do a free initial consultation with you, so don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to several. Also, do not be embarrassed to ask them questions about money!  You are spending your money on this journey and everyone should be transparent about where it is going!!

Choosing a Surrogate

You’ll need to match with a gestational surrogate that suits your needs and meets your expectations (and you should meet her expectations, too!  Matching should be a mutual decision!!). Each of you has responsibilities to the other, both legal and personal.  Make certain before you match that you are in agreement about the major issues such as number of embryos to transfer, termination and vaccination.  Other issues to consider would be special dietary concerns, breastmilk pumping, delivery and contact expectations and so much more.  The relationship with your surrogate is a special connection.  If you are in agreement from the start on the major issues you can concentrate on your relationship with each other and the excitement of your journey.

Medical Screening

Reproductive endocrinologists (RE) require that all parties undergo a complete medical screening before the embryo transfer process can begin.  Your RE will review her pregnancy related medical records, make certain she is withing medical guidelines to be a surrogate and conduct exams and screenings to ensure she is healthy enough to carry your baby.   Medical screenings also precede the legal agreement with your surrogate.

The Surrogacy Agreement

Both intended parents and the gestational carrier each must have independent legal counsel experienced in assisted reproductive technology to answer their questions and help them fully understand the legal issues. Experienced attorneys should represent each side’s interests as all parties come to a mutual understanding and agreement on all legal aspects of this incredible journey. The gestational carrier’s attorney’s fees are covered by the intended parents.

The IVF Process

A licensed reproductive endocrinologist oversees and manages the in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer in their IVF clinic. If you aren’t familiar with the embryo transfer preparation already, know that it can be intense.  Approximately one month prior to the transfer the gestational carrier will begin medications to prepare her body.  These medications can come in the form of pills, patches, suppositories and shots – and sometimes she may have to do them all.  She will also undergo multiple blood draws and ultrasounds.  It’s not for the faint of heart!


Your surrogate will be under the care of your reproductive endocrinologist usually until the end of the first trimester. She will then transfer care to her OB or Midwife. 

Enjoy building the relationship with your surrogate as she grows your child/children!

Establishing Parentage
During pregnancy, and depending on what state your gestational carrier is located in, your legal team files the documents with the court that establish your parental rights and stipulate that your name(s) appear on the birth certificate from the start. (Please consult an attorney about your state as every state is different.)


Every parent remembers the moment they held their baby for the first time. The experience is unforgettable.

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