Hey, we are Doug and Brent we live in Atlanta, GA as a blogger for our Real Modern Dads site on Facebook and Instagram. We have a true passion and are adoption advocates. We currently work with a National Charity Gift of Adoption which we joined 4 ago after starting a charity, Adopted by You.  We help Georgia families complete the adoption process.  We have two adopted boys which we adopted from birth.

Sawyer is 5 almost 6 now. Sawyer has grown into the most social sweet little man. He loves everyone and one day will be an actor or a politician lol Sawyer never has questioned having two dads we surround him by so many of our friends which are like family to us. So, to Sawyer he has a huge network of family and having two dads doesn’t even phase him. He has never questioned it once.

We decided to grow our family when Sawyer was two. Our adoption with Shepherd was like night and day. Sawyer’s adoption was an 18-month process and took over 5 months to be approved to adopt. Shep was 3 months start to finish before we had him in our arms. We used more of a facilitator which connected us with an agency they have a relationship with, and they are known to get you a child within 6 months. They also happen to be a sponsor for our charity. Shep is our tiny little man; he is so small and cute he still wears 18-month clothes at almost 3 years old. He is our quiet one but def can have a little temper when he wants to. He is completely opposite of Sawyer but they each have their own perfect little personalities.  

We have an amazing relationship with Sawyer’s birth mother – she has become a part of our family. We have seen each other a few times since Sawyer was born. We text, have calls and we are connected on social media.

Shepherd’s birth mother we do most of our communication through social media and have seen each other once since Shep was born. Each relationship is different, but we felt it was so important to have their birth mothers a part of their lives. We always want to have that information about there background it is so important to us. Both the boy’s birth fathers want nothing to do with them at this time. We are open if they ever change their mind but no communication currently.

Our family is so complete we were always meant to be a little family of four. Our lives are exactly the way they were meant to be.  Five years ago, Brent and I discussed how lucky we were to be able to afford the adoption process and met so many couples and singles that struggled to get every penny together, So we wanted to find a way to give back and help families. We talked with our good friend Kecia and she immediately jumped on board and we created Adopted By You and at the same time we found Gift of Adoption and they were doing exactly what we wanted to achieve so we jumped on working with them to help achieve our mission. 

Kecia and I joined the Board of Directors for GOA Georgia and brought our Adopted By You 5K event and it was the most successful event in GOA Georgia, so Kecia and I soon after became co-presidents of the BOD and started to create multiple events and brought the GA Chapter from a 10K a year chapter to over a 100K.  Our proudest moment is when we meet families that have been affected by Gift of Adoption and are able to complete their adoptions and have their forever family. It makes our hearts melt and shows all our hard work is so worth it. We continue to improve our events and add new events as well as work with corporations and continue to grow our chapter to a level where we can help everyone that needs adoption assistance in Georgia. 

We are so proud of the life we have created, and we love to speak to other couples, singles that would like to start a family through adoption. Please follow our experiences and life on Instagram and our blog Real Modern Dads.

Doug and Brent
Real Modern Dads