social media basics for lawyers

Businesses are online more than ever before..  

Your potential clients are now of a new generation – the social media generation.  Smart phones are the norm in fifth grade.  

The younger generation no longer looks to traditional print or commercials for their info.  Where do they turn? Social media – Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok – sometimes LinkedIn.

If you’re not on social media, you are missing out on a huge FREE marketing opportunity and you are not going to continue to scale your practice.  You are missing out on the chance for major growth, relevance and impact. 

And that younger generation … well, they’re the ones that are starting to plan their families (when did I feel so old??).

Having a robust presence on one or more of these platforms will allow your ideal clients to find YOU and be sold before you even have that initial consult.  Why?  These platforms allow you to create brand awareness as well as to educate the consumer on WHY your specific services are essential and why they should choose you over the competition down the street.  Yes, YOU know why they are but your audience doesn’t.  

Sign up here for my free training, “Legally Social” on Instagram basics to either get you started or help you to grow.   I’ve had my own legal practice since January 2014 and I have ONLY used social media to grow a six + multiple six-figure business (since year 1).  You can learn more about my social media on my instagram page here.

Want even more support?  A 30 day content calendar is included.

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